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Commerce Quiz 39 || UGC NET Paper 2 || Accounting and Auditing

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Question 1

Which of the following types of goodwill is considered to be the best?

Question 2

X Ltd. forfeited 20 shares of Rupees 10 each, Rupees 8 called up, on which John had paid application and allotment money of Rupees 5 per share, of these, 15 shares were reissued to Parker as fully paid up for rupees 6 per share. What is the balance in the share Forfeiture Account after the relevant amount has been transferred to Capital Reserve Account?

Question 3

Negative Net Working Capital implies that:

Question 4

A reduction from the list price that is offered by a seller to buyers in payment for marketing functions the buyers will perform is known as:

Question 5

X and Y sharing profits in the ratio of 7: 3, admit Z for 3/7 share in the new firm in which he takes 2/7 from X and 1/7 from Y. The new

ratio of X, Y and Z will be:

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