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Question 1

Under which of the following conditions, the level of consumer’s involvement will not be high?

Question 2

When a company treats each single customer as a separate segment, this is called:

Question 3

The G. E. Business Model is explained on which one of the following parameters?

Question 4

Which of the following is not the primary objective of industrial relations and labour laws?

Question 5

Assertion (A): Compensation has two vital domains economic concept and psychological concept.

Reasoning (R): Compensation basically represents an employment contract.

Question 6

The VRIO framework, used in HR function in today’s era, refers to four criteria. Identify the correct code which stands as correct explanation to VRIO as proposed by Barney.

Question 7

In the case of classification of data, the class having its upper limit is treated as the lower limit of its next class is called:

Question 8

Which of the following are considered non-parametric tests?

(a) Mann-Whitney U test

(b) Kruskal-Wallis test

(c) F-test

(d) T-test

(e) Chi-square test

Choose the correct option from the following:

Question 9

Study the following information:

Covariance between X and Y series = -17.8

Standard deviation of X series = 6.6

Standard deviation of Y series = 4.2

No. of pairs of observation = 20

The coefficient of correlation is

Question 10

Match the items of List-II with the items of List - I and select the correct code:

Question 11

Following are the steps in the activity-based cost allocation:

(a) Identification of the main activities

(b) Collection of cost pool

(c) Determination of the activity cost drivers

(d) Calculation of activity driver rate

(e) Charging the cost of activities to products

Select the correct sequence of the above steps:

Question 12

Capital structure and leverage decisions come in the ambit of

Question 13

Which one of the following sets is incorrect to show the inter-relationships among price elasticity coefficient, change in price and change

in total revenue?

Question 14

In a perfectly competitive market, a firm in the long run operates at the level of output where:

Question 15

Consumer behaviour does NOT consist of which of the following activities?
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