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Commerce Quiz 25 || UGC NET Paper 2 || Marketing Management

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Question 1

Which of the following is NOT a main stage in a customer relationship life cycle?

Question 2

Statement (I): Designing a distribution system for a service (for-profit or non-business context) involves to select the parties only through which ownership will pass.

Statement (II): The ownership channel for most of the services is long and quite complex because of inseparability characteristic.

Statement (III): Short channels usually mean more control on the part of the seller.

Identify the correct code of being the statements correct or incorrect. These statements relate to channel strategies of products/services.

Question 3

The G. E. Business Model is explained on which one of the following parameters?

Question 4

When a company treats each single customer as a separate segment, this is called:

Question 5

Under which of the following conditions, the level of consumer’s involvement will not be high?
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