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Coding Decoding Quiz : 05.03.2021

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Question 1

If POPULAR is coded as QPQVMBS then FAMOUS will be coded as?

Question 2

In a certain code, JAMES is coded as 48. Find the code for BOND?

Question 3

If NATIONAL can be written as LNAANTOI. How can DOMESTIC be written?

Question 4

If DESKTOP is coded as FGUMVQR, then how will POT be coded as?

Question 5

In a certain code language,”BORROW” is written as “769965” and “BOMB” is written as “7647”. How is “WOMB” written in that code language ?

Question 6

If UNITY is coded as13923, then how MANGO will be coded.

Question 7

If IMPLORE is coded as GKNJMPC, then how will HUB be coded as?

Question 8

If 12 x 16 = 188 and 14 x 18 = 248, then find the value of 16 x 20 = ?

Question 9

In a certain code language “POLAR” is written as “38907” and “ADOBE” is written as “02851”. How will “ADORABLE” be written in that code language?

Question 10

In a certain code, ROSE is written as #43$ and FIRST is written as 5*#37. How is STORE written in that code?
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