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CIL Non-Tech Quiz 7

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Question 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verb given in backet.
If he had helped me, I ……………(pass)

Question 2

In the question, the sentence has been given in Direct speech. In the options four changed form of reported speech have been given out of which one is correct. Mark the correct one:
She said, “The sun rises in the east.”

Question 3

Find out the number which belongs to the given group of numbers from the alternatives.
246, 579, 135, 35, 68

Question 4

2022 Common Wealth Games will be hosted by:

Question 5

A publisher sells copies of books to a retail dealer at 5 rs per copy but allows 25 copies to be counted as 24. If the retailer sells each of the 25 copies at 6 rs, his profit% is:

Question 6

In certain code language, REQUEST is written as S2R52TU. How is RETEST written in that language?

Question 7

Fill in the blanks.
As several shops have........ across the street, the old directory is........ .

Question 8

There are some girls and buffalos at a place. If total number of heads is 15 and total number of legs is 46, then how many girls and how many buffalos are there?

Question 9

In the following diagram, rectangle represents males, circle represents urban and square represents educated. Which region represented educated urban males?

Question 10

The Gulf Stream is an ocean current which begins:

Question 11

What will come in place of the blank in the series?
5, 9, 17, 33, ___, 129, 257

Question 12

1929 session of Congress that formalized the demand for ‘Purna Swaraj’ was held in:
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