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Child Development Quiz on Learning & Pedagogy:24.11.2018

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Question 1

In a class a naughty child disturbs the students. Which method should a teacher adopt to know the problem of the child?

Question 2

In your view, teaching is

Question 3

If you get an opportunity to teach a visually, challenged student along with normal students, what type of treatment would you like to give him/her in the class?

Question 4

The name of the theory advocating sudden solution to the problem is

Question 5

Craft education be given to

Question 6

A motivated child does not show which of the following characteristic?

Question 7

A teacher has to enhance the readiness level of his students. Which will be the best way to do so?

Question 8

An education is referred as child-centred education when

Question 9

If a learner ‘fails’ to achieve the certain goal in classroom, then it shows

Question 10

The National Curriculum Framework, 2005 suggests which of the following examination reforms?
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