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Child Development quiz on Inclusive Education &Special need :20.11.2018

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Question 1

Direction: Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
Which of the following is not the characteristic of extrovert personality?

Question 2

Difficulty in making the difference between f and v sound; for letters m and n is a learning difficulty related to

Question 3

In most schools likely the primary consideration for homogeneous grouping is based on

Question 4

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is

Question 5

The nature-nurture debate refers to

Question 6

Which of the following is not considered as exceptional type of children?

Question 7

Following is influenced by maximum utilization of senses by students

Question 8

Method for indentifying gifted children is

Question 9

If a student asks a wrong question in the class, then what will you do?

Question 10

Learning Disability
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