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Child Development Quiz:19.11.2018

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Question 1

Which among the following is correct regarding principle of preparation of life in curriculum?
i) Prepare child to face the Various challenges of the complex problem of future
ii) The best preparation is to help to live fully and richly child’s life at the stage at which he is.
iii) Child Is an individual growing by his ow activity, living in his own environment
iv) Preparing child for adult life-not imitating adults –living fully as possible in the environment of childhood

Question 2

Cephalocaudal development refers to the development that occurs from –

Question 3

Identify the factors that are responsible for growth and development:
I) Heredity
II) Early stimulation
III) Child rearing practice

Question 4

Which among the following stage of growth is considered as identity formation?

Question 5

The stage of human development which is called 'golden age' is

Question 6

In constructivism

Question 7

What does not include in counselling?

Question 8

...... plays a significant role in the development of personality.

Question 9

Language ______ thought processes.

Question 10

Heredity is considered as a ... social structure.
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