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Question 1

The ratio of the ages of A and B, 10 years ago, was 4:5 . Five years ago, the ratio of their ages was 9:11 . What will be the ratio of their ages 10 years from now?

Question 2

If Arjun finds that he is 12th from the right and 4th from the left , how many boys should be added to the queue so that there are 30 boys in the line?

Question 3

Three surfaces of a solid cube have been colour Red, Black and Pink. Now, the red colour is opposite to red, black colour exactly opposite to black and pink is opposite to the Pink colour. Thereafter, this cube is cut into 36 equal part such that 32 cube are of the same size while four others are of bigger size. Also, no face of any of the bigger cubes have black colour.

How many cubes are there which have black colour on at least one of its surfaces?

Question 4

An explanatory figure of dice is given. Study the figure and identify the correct dice formed by that figure.

Question 5

Count the number of cubes in the given figure.

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