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Question 1

If  then, the value of  is.

Question 2

Question 3

Let ABC be an equilateral triangle. If the side BC is produced to the point D so that BC = 2CD, then AD2 is equal to

Question 4

There are 437 fruit plants in an orchard planted in rows. The distance between any two adjacent rows is 2 m and the distance between any two adjacent plants is 2 m. Each row has the same number of plants. There is 1 m clearance on all sides of the orchard. What is the cost of fencing the area at the rate of ₹100 per metre?

Question 5

A train is running at a speed of 72 kmph and another train of same length running in the opposite direction at a speed of 54 kmph. The first train crosses half the length of the second train in 20 seconds. If it crosses the platform in 30 seconds, then the length of the platform.
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