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Question 1

A circular disc of radius 6 cm is divided into three sectors with central angles . Calculate the ratio of the areas of three sectors.

Question 2

A wire is in the form of a circle of radius 42 cm. If it is bent into a square, then what is the side of the square?

Question 3

Water is flowing at the rate of 2.52 km / h through a cylindrical pipe into a cylindrical tank, the radius of the base is 40 cm. If the increase in the level of water in the tank, in half an hour is 3.15 m, find the internal diameter of the pipe.

Question 4

Find the sum upto 100 terms of the series whose nth term is n (n+3).

Question 5

If the sum of n terms of an A.P. is , where P and Q are constants, then find the common difference.
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