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Blood Relations Quiz : 28.02.2021

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Question 1

Pinki says, Aman has two children- Rohit and Prakash. Prakash is married to Priya who is the sister of Jaya. How’s Priya related to Aman?

Question 2

A+B means A is the sister of B. A÷B means A is the brother of B. A×B means A is the father of B. A ±B means A is the mother of B. Which of the following expression represents P is sister of Q?

Question 3

Pointing to a man in the photograph Anjana said, his son is married to my daughter who has two children namely- Jyoti and Kalpna. How’s the person in the photograph is related to Kalpna?

Question 4

If 'A × B' means A is the son of B, 'A + B' means A is the father of B, 'A ÷ B' means A is the daughter of B and 'A – B' means A is the wife of B In the expression P × Q – S × R, How’s P related to R?

Question 5

Pointing towards a man in a photograph Sohan said, “He is the son in law of the father of the sister of my brother". How is the man in the photograph related to Sohan?

Question 6

Ram said, “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother”. Who is Ram to the girl?

Question 7

Pointing to a man Sukumar said, his sister Anamika is my wife’s sister. Anamika is married with my younger brother suresh. How’s the man related to Suresh?

Question 8

Pointing to a portrait Tom says, ‘her son’s daughter Supriya is married with my daughter’s son Jayshankar.’ How’s the lady in the portrait is related to Jayshankar?

Question 9

Pointing to a man Natasha says, I wanted to marry this man but unfortunately he married with my younger sister Pooja. How’s the man related to Natasha?

Question 10

Pointing to a photograph, Maya said, “This man has two sons- Heera and Mohan. Mohan is married to Lakshmi who is my elder son’s sister”. How’s the man in the photograph related to Lakshmi?
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