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Blood Relations Quiz : 18.02.2021

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Question 1

There are five persons- J, K, L, M and N. J and K are the son of M. M is married to L. N is the daughter-in-law of J. How is N related to L?

Question 2

Pointing to a woman Rohit said, Her husband’s sister is my sister who is married to Digvijay. How’s Digvijay related to that woman?

Question 3

Priyanka is the sister of Lata who is the wife of Ganesh. Ganesh has three children-Kamlu, Dablu and Bablu. Bablu’s wife Jyotsna has only son- Sudhansu. How’s Sudhansu related to Lata?

Question 4

'M + N' means N is the daughter of M.
'M - N' means M is the father of N.
'M x N' means N is the brother of M.
'M ÷ N' means M is the mother of N.
In the expression Q x Z - L + F ÷ G, How is the G related to Q?

Question 5

Pointing to a woman, Deepika said, “she is my father’s wife. How’s the woman related to Deepika?

Question 6

Pointing to Renu, Amir said, “ Her husband is the only son of my father.” How is the Amir related to the Renu?

Question 7

A, B and C are sisters. D is the brother of E. E is the daughter of B. How is A related to D?

Question 8

Pointing to a boy, Renu said, “ His mother is the only child of my father.” How is the boy related to the Renu?

Question 9

A woman pointing to a man said, "He is the widower of my uncle's brother's daughter." How is the man related to the woman?

Question 10

If ‘P 3 Q’ means ‘Q is the daughter of P’, ‘P 5 Q’ means ‘Q is the son of P’, ‘P 7 Q’ means ‘P is the sister of Q’, ‘P 9 Q’ means ‘P is the brother of Q’. Which of the following expression indicates A is the nephew of D?
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