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Blood Relations Quiz : 07.04.2021

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Question 1

Bommy is the daughter of Indu’s brother. Indu has one sister, Chandan and one brother, Gopal. How is Bommy related to Gopal?

Question 2

A the son-in-law of D, D is the brother-in-law of G who is the brother of E.E is the only daughter of K. How is G related to K?

Question 3

Looking at a portrait of a man, Rushi said, "His mother is wife of my mother's, mother’s only son." At whose portrait was Rushi looking?

Question 4

Introducing a girl Anuj says, "She is the daughter of the brother of my paternal grandfather's only daughter-in-law". How is the girl’s father related to Anuj?

Question 5

Introducing a girl, a man says, "She is the daughter of the daughter of my wife". How is man related to the girl?

Question 6

P is the father of Q and R is the son of S. T is the brother of P. Q is the sister of R. How is S related to T?

Question 7

Pointing to a lady, Shankar said, “her husband is the only son of Gopi who is married to Nidhi who is my paternal grandmother.” How’s that lady related to Shankar?

Question 8

If 'A × B' means A is the son of B, 'A + B' means A is the father of B, 'A ÷ B' means A is the daughter of B and 'A – B' means A is the wife of B In the expression P × Q – S × R, How’s P related to R?

Question 9

If Ram is the husband of Sita and Sita is the daughter in law of Ramu. Rahul is the son of Ram. How Rahul related to Ramu?

Question 10

A + B means ‘A is the brother of B’;

A – B means ‘A is the mother of B’;

A × B means ‘B is the father of A’;

A ÷ B means ‘B is the son of A’;

If, U - Q + R ÷ P × T , then how is Q related to T?

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