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BARC 2021 ME: Thermodynamics Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

A insulated container is divided into two parts ,one containing the oxygen and other nitrogen at same temperature and pressure. The number of kilo moles of each is 2 and 4 respectively. The partition is removed and the gas is allowed to mix. What is the entropy generated in the process?

Question 2

Calculate the net heat interaction (kJ) for the cycle shown in the figure.

Question 3

Find the total heat transfer (in kJ)in reversible cycle, if processes 1-2, 2-3 and 3-1 are carried using 0.5 kg of gas?

Question 4

For a liquid, at a temperature of 8 0the vapor pressure is 2.7 kPa. Its enthalpy of vaporization is constant and equals 42700 kJ/kmol. At a vapor pressure of 13.5 kPa, the temperature of the vapor (in 0C) will be____.

Take gas constant R=8.314 kJ/kmol-K

Question 5

Air expands in a turbine adiabatically from 400 kPa, 500 K and 120 m/s to 100 kPa, 300 K and 60 m/s. The environment is at 100 kPa, 17 °C. Calculate the maximum work output per kg of air.

Question 6

Match the differentials in list 1 with the corresponding differentials in list 2





1) .  − 



Question 7

Degree of freedom at triple point is ________.

Question 8

A reversible cycle receives 40 kJ of heat from one heat source at a temperature of 127 and 37 kJ from another heat source at 97 . The heat rejected (in kJ) to the heat sink at 47 is _________.

Question 9

Air enters a compressor in steady flow manner at 140 kPa and 17 °C and leaves it at 350 kPa and 127 °C. During the flow change in enthalpy and kinetic energy are 110.55 kJ/kg and 3.6 kJ/kg respectively. The minimum reversible work input required is ________ kJ/kg.
[Given: Environment temperature is 7 °C]

Question 10

Heat is lost at a steady rate of 1kW through a plane wall. The inner and outer surface temperatures of the wall are 100oC and 50oC respectively. The temperature of surroundings is 27oC, then the rate of energy destroyed in the wall is __________.
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