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BARC 2021 ME: Thermodynamics Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A refrigerator is being driven by a  heat engine and coefficient of performance of refrigerator is 4.The heat taken by the refrigerator is 3500 kJ and the combined engine and refrigerator work output is 300 kJ.The work output (in KJ) of the heat engine is ____.

Question 2

For an ideal gas, a constant pressure line and a constant volume line intersect at a point, in the tremperature (T) versus specific entropy (s) diagram. CP is the specific heat at constant pressure and CV is the specific heat at constant volume. The ratio of the slopes of the constant pressure and constant volume lines at the point of intersection is

Question 3

A steel bar at a temperature of 500°C is dropped into an insulated bath containing  20 kg water at 120°C. The temperature of water and Steel reaches steadily to 150°C. If specific heat for water is 4 .180 kJ/kg-K, calculate the change in entropy of system.

Question 4

Availability of a system at any given state is

Question 5

Evaluate the dryness fraction (quality) of steam which has 1.5 kg of water in suspension with 60 kg of steam.

Question 6

Two Carnot engines work in series between the sources and sink temperatures of 600 K and 400 K respectively and both engines develop equal power.The intermediate temperature (in K) is ____.

Question 7

 The COP of the heat pump is found to be 5.62, and the heat pump operates with the source at 25, while the heat absorbed is 2.12 kW. What is the amount of heat rejected ?

Question 8

A heat engine operating with a hot reservoir of furnace gases at 2300 °C . The cooling water is available at 12 °C. What is the highest possible theoretical thermal efficiency?

Question 9

Steam is isentropically expanded in a turbine from 80 bar to 7 bar. At the inlet of the turbine (state  is 3246 kJ/kg and  is 6.52 kJ/(kg.K). The enthalpy of the steam exiting the turbine (state 2) in kJ/kg is:

Question 10

Match the following lists
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