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BARC 2021 ME: Theory of Machine : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

A mass-spring-dashpot system with mass m = 10 kg, spring constant k = 6250 N/m is excited by a harmonic excitation of 10cos(25t) N. At the steady state, the vibration amplitude of the mass is 40 mm. The damping coefficient (c, in N.s/m) of the dashpot is ______

Question 2

Considering massless rigid rod and small oscillations, the natural frequency (in rad/s) of vibration of the system shown in the figure is

Question 3

The speed of an engine varies from 210 rad/s to 190 rad/s. During a cycle the change in kinetic energy is found to be 400 Nm. The inertia of the flywheel in kgm2 is

Question 4

Calculate the required punching force if punching is done on a sheet 6.5mm thickness & round hole of radius 1cm, if the yield strength in shear is 240MPa.

Question 5

For the given epicyclic gear train if the Gear A is fixed and Arm C makes 20 revolutions, the number of revolutions made by Gear B will be ________.

Question 6

In an epicyclic gear train, shown in the figure, the outer ring gear is fixed, while the sun gear rotates counterclockwise at 100rpm. Let the number of teeth on the sun, planet and outer gears to be 50, 25, and 100, respectively. The ratio of magnitudes of angular velocity of the planet gear to the angular velocity of the carrier arm is _________.

Question 7

A simple mechanism with all link constrained to move in one direction only has 5 links, another mechanism with similar configuration has 6 links. What is the ratio of number of instantaneous centre of the two mechanisms?

Question 8

which of the following cam profile motion has been most preferred during high speed application and has least jerk

Question 9

Which of the following statement is correct regarding the pitch point in the cam?

Question 10

The minimum number of links in a single degree-of-freedom planar mechanism with both higher and lower kinematic pairs is
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