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BARC 2021 ME: Theory of Machine : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

The number of degrees of freedom for the mechanism shown below will be ___________.

Question 2

A four bar mechanism PQRS having PQ = 20 mm, QR = 40 mm, RS = 30 mm, SP = 55 mm. If PQ is fixed, then which type of mechanism formed?

Question 3

A vibrating system is analysed and it is found that two successive oscillations have ampiltudes of 4 mm and 1.5 mm respectively. Find the damping factor

Question 4

A punching press is required to punch 40 mm diameter holes in a plate of 15 mm thickness at the rate of 30 holes per minute. It requires 6 N-m of energy per mm2 of sheared area. If the punching takes 1/10 of a second and the r.p.m. of the flywheel varies from 160 to 140, determine the mass of the flywheel having radius of gyration of 1 metre

Question 5

Two gear 20 and 60 teeth respectively are in mesh. Pressure angle is 20, module is 12 and line of contact on each side of the pitch point is half the maximum length. What will be the height of addendum for the gear wheel _________.

Question 6

A link OB is rotating with an angular velocity of 4 rad/s and constant acceleration of 2 rad/s2 respectively in clockwise direction. The block is sliding radially outward on it with a uniform velocity of 1 m/s with respect to rod. The magnitude of absolute acceleration (in m/s2) of the block at an instant when OA = 1 m is

Question 7

Vibrating system consists of a mass of 50 kg, a spring with a stiffness of X kN/m and a damper. The damping provided is 20% of the critical value. The damped frequency is 24 rad/s. Then X (kN/m) is _________.

Question 8

Consider a cantilever beam, having negligible mass and uniform flexural rigidity, with length 0.01 m. The frequency of vibration of the beam, with a 0.5 kg mass attached at the free tip, is 100 Hz. The flexural rigidity (in N.Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE-ME-2014-Set-1_files\image099.png) of the beam is ________

Question 9

The time variation of the position of a particle in rectilinear motion is given by

x = 2t3 + t2+ 2t. If v is the velocity and a the acceleration of the particle in consistent units, the motion started with

Question 10

A planar mechanism has 8 links and 10 rotary joints. The number of degrees of freedom of the mechanism, using Gruebler’s criterion, is
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