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BARC 2021 ME: Subject Revision Quiz 4

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Question 1

A road transport company has one reservation clerk on duty at a time. He handles information of bus schedules and make reservation. Customer arrive at a rate of 8 per hour and the clerk can service 12 customers on an average per hour.
The probability of at least 2 customers in the queue would be ______.

Question 2

In metal casting riser is used to compensate which type of shrinkage?

Question 3

In shell molding, the shell is made of

Question 4

Production planning consists of_____.

Question 5

Steel containing pearlite and ferrite is _________.

Question 6

If wax is used as a pattern material then the process is known as

Question 7

The objective of sequencing problem is:

Question 8

A linear programming problem is shown below:
Subject to
It has

Question 9

Using the Taylor's tool life equation with exponent n = 0.5, if the cutting speed is reduced by 50% the ratio of new tool life to original tool life is ________.

Question 10

A 6 mm thickness MS plate is cut in a shearing machine and the length of cut is 500 mm. The shear strength of the material is 300 MPa. The force required if the cutting blade is inclined at 1.5 degree and percentage penetration is 40% will be ____kN.

Question 11

The demand the forecasting data for the four month is given below find the forecasting for the fifth months using 3 months time average method

Question 12

Find optimal order quantity where Annual demand for product is 500 units ,cost of storage per unit per year is 10 % of unit cost and ordering cost per order is 180

Question 13

Routing in production planning and control refers to the_____.

Question 14

__________ is added to raise the yield point of low carbon steel.

Question 15

Investment casting uses pattern of

Question 16

The number of customers arriving at a railway reservation counter is Poisson distributed with an arrival rate of 8 customers/hour. The reservation clerk at this counter takes 6 min/customer on an average with an exponentially distributed service time. The average number of the customers in the queue will be

Question 17

The word kanban is most appropriately associated with _______.

Question 18

The defect responsible for slip which cause plastic deformation is widely known as ________.

Question 19

The standard deviation of linear dimensions P and Q are 3 mm and 4 mm, respectively. When assembled, the standard deviation (in mm) of the resulting linear dimension (P+Q) is ________

Question 20

A firm produces a product whose selling price is 25 Rs per unit and the variable cost per unit is 20 Rs. The annual fixed cost of the firm is 140,000 and the estimated capacity of firm is 65000 units of the product. The margin of safety (in units) is
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