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BARC 2021 ME: Strength of Materials Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

A Rectangular column of dimensions 20 mm × 30 mm has a length of 2 m. The slenderness ratio of the column will be:

Question 2

A solid shaft of diameter d and length L is fixed at both the ends. A torque, T0 is applied at a distance, L/4 from the left end as shown in the figure given below.

The magnitude of maximum shear stress induced in the shaft is

Question 3

The stress Tensor in a 3-D state of stress is given as:


What will be the maximum and minimum principal stresses developed?

Question 4

A thin pressure vessel cylindrical in shape is subjected to a guage pressure of 50Mpa and it is of diameter 700mm and thickness 10 mm. Under such pressure diameter of the shell increases, find the final diameter (in mm) of the cylindrical vessel. If E=210Gpa and poisson ratio =0.15

Question 5

If the state of stress in a material is given below then what is its bulk modulus if given that volumetric strain of material is 5 x 10-4.

Question 6

A mild steel specimen having a cross-sectional dimension of 50 mm × 50 mm is under the action of various axial loads as shown below:

Calculate the stress in the portion CD.

Question 7

The Euler's crippling load for 1m long steel rod hinged at both ends is 6000N. What will the load for same cross section rod with one end fixed and other free?

Question 8

A bar of length 170 mm & coefficient of thermal expansion (12 × 10–6) is heated from initial temperature of 50°C to 75°C, If Bar is allowed to yield by 0.02 mm, what will be the thermal stress developed in the bar in MPa. [Only magnitude]. [Take E = 200 GPa]

Question 9

A cantilever beam of flexural rigidity (EI) and length L is loaded as shown in figure:

What is the deflection at the free and of the beam?

Question 10

A straight wire 15m long is made of a material whose Young’s Modulus is 2 X and coefficient of thermal expansion  What is the change in temperature (K) needed to produce an elongation of 15mm in the material?
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