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BARC 2021 ME: Manufacturing & Engineering Materials : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

Power source for welding rated at 500A and 60% duty cycle. Then maximum output current that can be drawn at 100% duty cycle from same power source is ________A.

Question 2

Match the following

Question 3

A 40 mm diameter rod is to be turned on a lathe at a cutting speed of 30 m/min. The required spindle speed should be approximately:

Question 4

The blanking force required to produce a blank of 100 mm diameter from a 2 mm thick sheet is close to _________? (take shear strength of sheet metal is 300 MPa)

Question 5

In arc welding of a butt joint, the welding speed is to be selected such that highest cooling rate is achieved. Melting efficiency and heat transfer efficiency are 0.5 and 0.7, respectively. The area of the weld cross section is 5 mm2 and the unit energy required to melt the metal is 10 J/mm3. If the welding power is 2 kW, the welding speed in mm/s is closest to

Question 6

In a tool wear study experiment, it is found that doubling cutting speed reduces the tool life to 1/8th of the original. The Taylor’s tool life index is

Question 7

The voltage length characteristic of a direct current (dc) arc is given by
V = (20 + 40 L) Watts
Where, L is the length of the arc in cm. The power source characteristic is approximated by a straight line with an open circuit voltage = 80 V and a short circuit current = 1000 amp. The optimum arc length is _________ (in cm).

Question 8

For increasing the material removal rate in turning, without any constraints, the right sequences to adjust the parameters?
1). speed
2). Feed
3). Depth of cut
Select the correct answer using the codes:

Question 9

If Pulse generated is 500 Pulse/s in CNC machine and motor RPM is the 120 and the lead screw is 5 mm pitch. What is the Basic length Unit (in mm) ?

Question 10

As per the definition of Gibb’s phase rule, in a binary system, the number of Degree of Freedom (D.O.F) of a eutectic point is ________.
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