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BARC 2021 ME: Manufacturing & Engineering Materials : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

Two cutting tools are being compared for a machining operation. The tool life equation are
Tool A: VT 1.8 = 3000
Tool B: VT 0.8 = 200
Where V is the cutting speed (in m/min) and T is the tool life. The tool A will provide higher tool life if the cutting speed (in m/min) exceeds ___________.

Question 2

Condition for the formation of chips is given below:
Work material - Mild steel
Cutting speed - Medium
Feed - Large
Cutting fluid - Inadequate
Type of chips resulting due this :

Question 3

In a certain machining operation with a cutting speed of 50 m/min, tool life of 45 minutes was observed. When the cutting speed was increased to 100 m/min, the tool life decreased to 10 minutes. The cutting speed for maximum productivity of tool change time is 2 minutes will be _________ m/min.

Question 4

In Ultra Sonic Machining, material is removed by _____

Question 5

For machining of which material dry and compressed air is used as cutting fluid ?

Question 6

Which of the following casting method is used for ornaments and toys of non – ferrous alloys?

Question 7

The value of fundamental deviation and tolerance in a shaft of diameter is_______.

Question 8

In an orthogonal cutting, rake angle is zero, cutting speed and depth of cut are 60 m/min and 2.4 mm respectively. The cutting ratio is found to be 0.75. The value of chip thickness and velocity of chip relative to work-piece, respectively, is _______.

Question 9

Find the friction angle , if the given rake angle is 10 ° and chip thickness ratio is 0.3. assume that it follows merchant's theory

Question 10

Numerically controlled (NC) machines used what type of input to the system for processing the data and produce the output result ?
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