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BARC 2021 ME: Machine Design : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

The Principle stresses at a critical point of machine components made of steel are 100 MPa and 50 MPa.
The Factor of safety using the Total strain energy theory is______.
(given μ=0.3 and yield strength of steel= 300 MPa)

Question 2

Match the following.

List – I
Theories of Failure
1) Rankine’s Theory
2) Guest &Tresca’s Theory
3) Haigh’s Theory
4) St. Venant’s Theory

List – II
 Shape of safe boundaries
A) Hexagon
B) Rhombus
C) Square
D) Ellipse

Question 3

A shaft is subjected to a reversed axial load of 200 kN. Ultimate and yield stresses are 1000 MPa and 900 MPa respectively. The corrected Endurance limit for reversed bending is 400MPa. If Factor of safety is 2, using Goodman equation, the required diameter of the shaft (in mm) is

Question 4

The ratio of the inside diameter to the outside diameter for maximum torque transmitting capacity for old brake

Question 5

A closed coil helical spring is cut into three equal parts and the parts are then connected in series. What is the resultant stiffness of the new configuration?

Question 6

The piston bearings in heavy duty diesel engines are __________.

Question 7

A square full journal bearing of 100mm diameter is to support a radial load of 50kN at 600rpm. If it is to be operated at a Sommerfeld number of 0.08 with a diametral clearance of 0.4mm, the viscosity of oil in (Pa-s) will be ______.

Question 8

Eight bolts are to be selected for fixing the cover plate of a cylinder subjected to a maximum load of 980.175 kN. If the design stress for the bolt material is 315 N/mm2, what is the nominal diameter of each bolt?

Question 9

A 50 mm diameter circular beam is welded using fillet welds to support as shown:

The permissible shear stress in the welds is 100 MPa. The size of the weld (in mm) is ______.

Question 10

The lewis form factor of a gear is given by_____.
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