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BARC 2021 ME: Machine Design : Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

If torque capacity of a block brake is 240 N-m and radius of drum is 210 mm with coefficient of friction 0.4 , then frictional force transmitted is _______.

Question 2

Match List-I (theory of Failure) with List-II (predicted Ratio of Shear Stress to Direct Stress at yield Condition for Steel Specimen) select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
A). Maximum shear Stress theory
B). Maximum energy of distortion theory
C). Maximum principle stress theory
D). Maximum principle strain theory
1). 1.0
2). 0.77
3). 0.577
4). 0.50

Question 3

Find the equivalent load of the bearing assuming rotation of its inner ring. 5kN and 2kN are the radial load and axial load respectively and the journal rotates at 1500 rpm. Take
X = 0.56, Y =1.6 and e = 0.34

Question 4

A Particular section of steel shaft is subjected to maximum bending stress of 160 MPa and a maximum shear stress equal to 60 MPa. The yield point in tension of the material is 400 MPa. If maximum principal stress theory is used, the FOS will be _______.

Question 5

A footstep bearing supports a shaft of 150 mm diameter which is counter bored at the end with a hole diameter of 50 mm. if the bearing pressure is limite to 0.8 N/mm2 and the speed is 100 r.p.m. find the load to be supported?

Question 6

A bar is subjected to a tensile loading that varies from 40 kN in compression to 80 kN in tension. The material of bar has a yield strength of 400 MPa and an endurance strength of 200 MPa. Calculate the cross-sectional area of bar for a factor of safety of 2.5.(use soderberg's theory of failure)

Question 7

A loaded flat plate is having an elliptical hole in the middle, as shown in figure. The stress concentration factor at point x or y is ______.

Question 8

Interference is gearing between the gears and the pinion arrangement can be avoided by which of the following process

Question 9

A spring having properties: G = 79.34 GPa, τ = 0.69 GPa, C = 6; is used for punching machine. The compression spring has to support 4 kN load & the diameter of wire is 13mm the number of turns in coil if the deflection under the load is 50mm

Question 10

A machine component is subjected to a flexural stress, which fluctuates between 300 MN/m2 and –150 MN/m2. Taking the yield strength = 0.55 of the ultimate strength, endurance strength = 0.50 of the ultimate strength and factor of safety to be 2, the value of the minimum ultimate strength according to Goodman relation will be
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