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BARC 2021 ME: Machine Design : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A drum brake is shown in the figure. The drum is rotating in anticlockwise direction. The coefficient of friction between drum and shoe is 0.2. The dimensions shown in the figure are in mm. The braking torque (in N.m) for the brake shoe is ______

Question 2

A spur gear is used to transmit power between two parallel shafts. The module of the shaft is 3 mm. Tooth thickness is define as 3 times module and tooth space is defined as 2.9 times module. Find the backlash of the gear arrangement in mm

Question 3

A cylindrical shaft is subjected to an alternating stress of 300 MPa, the shaft has ultimate strength σu of 700MPa, Fatigue strength to sustain 1000 cycle is 90% of σu and the corrected endurance strength is 40% of σu , estimated shaft life will be

Question 4

The principal stresses at a point inside a solid object are σ1 = 100 MPa, σ2= 100 MPa and σ3= 0 MPa. The yield strength of the material is 200 MPa. The factor of safety calculated using Tresca (maximum shear stress) theory is nT and the factor of safety calculated using von Mises (maximum distortional energy) theory is nV. Which one of the following relations is TRUE?

Question 5

A plate clutch with inside radius of contact is 100 mm and outside radius is 200 mm, which transmits the axial force of 8000N. Assuming uniform wear, what will be the maximum and minimum pressure (in kN/m2) in the plate clutch respectively.

Question 6

A full journal square bearing with journal of 100 mm diameter is subjected to a load of 5 kN at 1000 rpm. The lubricant has a viscosity of 12 centipoise, radial clearance is 0.04 mm and eccentricity ratio of the bearing is 0.27. The value of minimum oil thickness (in mm) is:

Question 7

The following data is given for a hydrodynamic bearing:
Length to diameter ratio- 1
Journal speed- 1500 rpm
Diametric clearance-
Journal diameter- 50 mm
External load- 6 kN
The value of minimum film thickness variable is 0.4 and corresponding Sommerfeld number is 0.121. The viscosity (in centipoise) of oil that need to be used is

Question 8

A closely coiled helical spring of 20 cm mean diameter is having 25 coils of 2 cm diameter rod the modulus of rigidity of the material if 107N/cm2. What is the stiffness for the spring in N/cm?

Question 9

Which bearing is used for combined axial and radial loads?

Question 10

A self-aligning ball bearing has a basic dynamic load rating ( for revolutions) of 35 kN. If the equivalent radial load on the bearing is 45 kN, the expected life (in 106 revolutions) is
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