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BARC 2021 ME: Industrial Engineering : Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

At an assembly machine, parts arrive according to a Poisson process at the rate of 28 parts per hour. Processing time has distribution at 32 parts per hour. Determine the probability that a random part arrival finds that there are exactly 8 parts in the system.

Question 2

At a bank counter, customers arrive according to Poisson’s distribution at a rate of 14 customers per hour. The staff at this counter takes 3 minutes per customer on an average with an exponential distribution. The mean waiting time of queue in minutes is.

Question 3

A linear programming problem is shown below:
Maximize Z
Subject to

It has

Question 4

A PERT project has 2 activities, A and B. The optimistic times, most likely times and the pessimistic times are as follows:

The ratio of the expected time for 2 activities A: B is 1: 2. The most likely time (x), of activity A is?

Question 5

A PERT activity has an optimistic time estimate of 2 days, a pessimistic time estimate of 4 days, and a most likely time estimate of 12 days. What is the expected time of this activity?

Question 6

Which of the following scheduling method is accepted by default if no other method is specifically mention while solving problems in scheduling to maintain the flow of job smooth.

Question 7

CPM and PERT are concerned with:

Question 8

For an exponential smoothing method of forecasting, the value of number of demand is 12, Find the exponential smoothing coefficient α for such a forecasting model.

Question 9

A company produce 4800 parts per day and sells them at approximately half of the rate. The setup cost is Rs 1000 and carrying cost is Rs 5 per unit. The annual demand is 480000 per years. The length of each production will be

Question 10

In relation to product flexibility and production volume achieved in computer controlled manufacturing systems, the flexible manufacturing system has
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