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BARC 2021 ME: IC Engine + Power Plant : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

For maximum discharge of hot gases through a chimney, the height of hot column producing draught is _______.

Question 2

In an Otto cycle air at 18 °C and 1.02 bar is compressed adiabatically until the pressure is 15 bar. Calculate air standard efficiency for the cycle ____________.

Question 3

A petrol engine working on Otto cycle with efficiency 48% and clearance volume is 30 cm3. Find the stroke length, if the engine is square. (γ = 1.4)

Question 4

Stirling Cycle has ______.

Question 5

For an engine operating on diesel cycle, if frictional power loss is 20% of the indicated power. Find mechanical efficiency (%) ________.

Question 6

The correct sequence of location of equipment in the flue gas path from furnace exit up to chimney is

Question 7

Consider the following statements in respect of impulse steam turbine
1) Blade passages are of constant cross-section.
2) Partial admission of steam is permissible.
3) Axial thrust is only due to change in flow velocity of steam at inlet and outlet of moving blade.
Which of these statement are correct _______?

Question 8

The degree of reaction of an impulse turbine

Question 9

Which of the following statement is/are true.

(a) Generally, the chemical delay is larger than physical delay.

(b) At high temperatures, the physical delay is smaller than chemical delay.

(c) Ignition lag in SI engine is equivalent to chemical delay.

(d) All of above

Question 10

The saturated vapour line for working fluid in power cycle should be
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