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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 6

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Question 1

If and then z lies on
Where w and z are complex number

Question 2

Figure shows the stresses acting on an element. The normal stresses acting on the planes AD and AB are 70 N/mm2 and 55 N/mm2. These planes also carry shear stresses of 35 N/mm2. The position of the plane DE with the principal plane when the resultant stress is at the least inclination to plane DE is

Question 3

Estimate the entropy(kJ/min-K) produced during heat transfer for a system at 520 K receives 7500 kJ/min from a source at 1100 K. The temperature of atmosphere is 297 K. Assuming that the temperatures of system and source remain constant during heat transfer

Question 4

The surface of gear tooth below pitch surface is called:

Question 5

Two sheets of low carbon steel 2 mm thick each are spot welded by passing a current 12000 A for 5 cycles in 50 Hz main supply. Heat generated due to the supply of power if effective resistance has 200 micro ohms will be

Question 6

The equation Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\05_Engg-Math_BLok_files\image007.png is

Question 7

A 10 kN force is applied to body B whose mass is 15 kg. Body A has a mass of 20 kg. The centre of gravity of body A is at its geometric centre. There is no friction between block B and lower surface. The velocity of the body B is ________ m/sec.
[Take coefficient of friction between bodies μd = 0.28]

Question 8

In a 50% reaction turbine, absolute velocity angle at inlet is 45 ° and at exit it is axial. If the stage specific maximum work is 5000 J/Kg then, mean peripheral speed of blade at inlet will be _______ m/s.

Question 9

A thin spherical shell of 350 mm diameter, having a thickness of metal 10 mm, is filled with a fluid at atmospheric pressure. If an additional 6500 mm3 of fluid is pumped into cylinder, the pressure exerted by the fluid on the wall of sphere is (take modulus of elasticity = 200 GPa and Poisson’s ratio = 0.25)

Question 10

Resilience of a material becomes important when it is subjected to

Question 11

A multiple disc clutch carries 10 discs on driving shaft and 9 on driven shaft. Find the number of contact surfaces?

Question 12

Air at a pressure 95kPa and temperature 20℃ is preheated by hot exhaust gases in a cross-flow heat exchanger before let it into the boiler furnace at a rate of 0.8m3/s. The rate of heat transfer is 103 kW. Determine diffenrence in the inlet & outlet temperature of air in K.

Given: Specific heats of air and combustion gases are 1005 J/kg °C and 1100 J/kg °C respectively, 

Question 13

Fluidity of liquid metal in a spiral test can be increased by

Question 14

One of the eigen vectors of the matrix A= is

Question 15

In a band brake, a rope is wrapped on a drum with angle θ = 150o and μ = 0.4. Tension in tight side is 5 kN and radius of drum is 100 mm. Frictional torque in brake-

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