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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 2

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Question 1

A natural gas pipeline network was established in the Indian capital Delhi recently. Between any two locations P and Q, the measurements were . The temperature measurements were . Assuming the flow direction is from

Question 2

Determine the change in distance from the floor of an object of mass 20N freely hung with the help of a inextensible rope over through a pulley. The 40N mass is at the other end of the rope at a height of 10 m from the floor.

Question 3

The manometer shown contains two liquids. Liquid A has SG = 0.88 and liquid B has SG = 2.95. The deflection h, when the applied pressure difference is is

Question 4

The value of where V is the region bounded by x=0, y=0, z=0 and 2x + 2y + z = 4.

Question 5

For an otto cycle volumetric efficiency is 90%, desity of air 1 kg/m3, mass flow rate is 0.5kg/s and net power output=1500KW. Find the mean effective pressure.

Question 6

Calculate the air-standard efficiency of a Diesel engine having a clearance volume of 1420 cc, bore & stroke of the cylinder as 225 mm & 375 mm respectively, with the cut-off of fuel occurring at 6% of the stroke. (Take γ = 1.4 for air).

Question 7

If u=then what will be the expression for  ?

Question 8

The lewis form factor of a gear is given by_____.

Question 9

The state of stress at a point is given as, σx = 140 MPa, σy = 80 MPa and τxy = 40 MPa. What will be the diameter of the Mohr circle _________?

Question 10

The following equation x3− 2x− 5 = 0 needs to be numerically solved using the Newton-Raphson method. The iterative equation for this purpose is __________ (k indicates the iteration level).

Question 11

Assignment problems of maximization type are converted into minimization type by

Question 12

The circulation around a area having rectangular field defined by: x = 1, y = 1, x = 5 and y = 4  for the velocity field of u = 2x + 3y, v = – 2y will be ______ units.

Question 13

An air standard Otto cycle operates between the temperature limits of 300K and 1400K. The cylinder has stroke volume of 1400 cc and clearance volume of 200 cc. The heat (Kj/kg) rejected to the surrounding per kg of circulated air is?

Question 14

Heat flow through an evaporator is analyzed. The walls are assumed to be plane, and following are the parameters found : Rate of heat transfer = 64 kW, heat transfer coefficient for hot and cold fluids are 115 W/m2K and 95 W/m2K respectively, thermal conductivity of wall is 200 W/mK. If the thickness of the wall is 10mm. What will be the Overall heat transfer coefficient ?

Question 15

A flat steel plate is of trapezoidal form. The thickness of the plate is 15 mm and it tapers uniformly from a width of 60 mm to a width of 10 mm in a length of 300 mm. The elongation of the plate under an axial force of 120 kN is ______ mm.
[Take E = 2.04 × 105 N/mm2]
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