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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 18

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Question 1

Fluidity of liquid metal in a spiral test can be increased by

Question 2

A centrifugal type of clutch is used to transmit a torque of 150 Nm. The shoe material has friction coefficient of 0.3 and weight of each shoe is 5kg. The distance from of CG of shoe from center of the drum is 40mm. If the angular velocity is 0.5 rad/sec, the centrifugal force generated is; (Take g = 10 m/s2)

Question 3

Each of the tear two springs have a stiffness of 40 MN/m while the stiffness of each front two springs is 20 MN/m. the engine speed (in rpm), at which resonance is likely to occur. as on four spring with linear characteristics an automotive engine is supported weighing of 180Kg.

Question 4

A pump handling a liquid raises its pressure from 1 bar to 30 bar. Take the density of the liquid as 990 kg/m3. The isentropic specific work done by the pump (in kJ/kg) is __________.

Question 5

Two sheets of low carbon steel 2 mm thick each are spot welded by passing a current 12000 A for 5 cycles in 50 Hz main supply. Heat generated due to the supply of power if effective resistance has 200 micro ohms will be

Question 6

The objective of sequencing problem is:

Question 7

Match the items in columns I and II.

Question 8

If a discrete random variable X has the following probability distribution, then the standard deviation is

Question 9

A parallelepiped enclosure measures 3 m × 3.5 m with 4 m height. The bottom floor having 0.75 emissivity is maintained at 380 K and all other surfaces (emissivity = 0.8) are maintained at 505 K. The net radiation (in kW) to the floor will be

Question 10

An ideal gas is flowing through an insulated pipe at the rate of 4 kg/s. If there is a 15% pressure drop due to friction from inlet to exit of pipe then the rate of exergy loss is ( take R =0.287 kJ/kgK, and atmospheric temperature 27 )

Question 11

A cross flow direct transfer type heat exchanger is used to heat a fluid from 30 to 60 with a fluid entering at 100 and leaving at 50. Assuming no heat is transferred to outside surroundings and pressure of both the fluids remains constant during the flow. If the correction factor is 0.7 then find the LMTD of the heat exchanger.

Question 12

If wax is used as a pattern material then the process is known as

Question 13

A swimmer can swim 10 km in 2 hours when swimming along the flow of a river, While swimming against the flow. She takes 5 hours for the same distance. Her speed in still water (in km/h) is _______

Question 14

A spring mass system has natural frequency 80 rad/s. What is the damping ratio required if it is desired to reduce this frequency to 40rad/s by adding damper to it?

Question 15

Choose the correct option for the Joule-Thomson coefficient and its value for the heating:
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