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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 16

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Question 1

Which of the following statement is CORRECT about forward extrusion process:
1) The ram and the extruded product travel in the same direction.
2) The ram and the extruded product travel in the opposite direction.
3) The speed of travel of the extruded product is same as that of the ram.
4) The speed of travel of the extruded product is greater than that of the ram.

Question 2

Sorbite is obtained by __________.

Question 3

A 10 kg mass is hung from 2 light, inextensible strings as shown. The tension in the horizontal string is nearly

Question 4

Materials exhibiting time bound behavior are known as

Question 5

A turbine generates a power of 19600 kW while operating under a head of 256 m. The turbine runs at 200 rpm. The specific speed of the turbine is:

Question 6

Resilience of a material becomes important when it is subjected to

Question 7

Which of the following term correctly describes the region which is present outside the Mach cone ___________?

Question 8

The life of a machine component under heavy test load was 28 hrs. The life under combined load was 35 hrs, out of which 21.5 hrs was at heavy load and 13.5 hrs was at the normal load. The expected life under the normal operating load is,

Question 9

A 50kg mass constituting the vibrating system is attached to a spring of stiffness 30 kN/m and a damper with damping coefficient 620 N-S/m. which among the following represents the logarithmic decrement ___________.

Question 10

A large ship is towed through the sea water at sped of 8 m/s. If tests were conducted in a model ratio . then find the force required in MN to tow the ship if force required to tow the model is 8N.

Question 11

Calculate the air-fuel ratio on molar basis that could come out: Inside an Oil marketing R&D lab, Methane  is made to undergo combustion with the stoichiometric quantity of air. 

Question 12

For a counter-flow heat exchanger with heat capacity ratio is equal to 1, the number of transfer units is 1.5. The effectiveness of this heat exchanger is

Question 13

Consider a heat engine operative in a cycle between temperature range  to what will be the lowest rate of heat rejection per kilowatt net output of the prime-mover?

Question 14

An amount of 100 kW of heat is transferred through a wall in steady state. One side of the wall is maintained at 127 °C and the other side at 27 °C. The entropy generated (in W/K) due to the heat transfer through the wall is _______

Question 15

In a machining operation, if a cutting tool traces the workpiece such that the directrix is perpendicular to the plane of the generatrix as shown in figure, the surface generated is

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