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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 15

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Question 1

An inward flow reaction turbine has external and internal diameters 1.5 m and 0.5 m. The turbine runs at 250 rpm. The flow velocity in the runner is constant and equal 2.5 m/s. The guide blades make an angle of 45  to the tangent of wheel and the outlet discharge is purely radial. The absolute velocity of water at inlet in m/s is:

Question 2

The value of head loss due to friction using Chezy formula with constant C= 60 for a fluid, flowing through a 30 cm diameter and 70 m long pipe. Velocity of fluid inside the pipe is 5 m/s.

Question 3

For a thin spherical pressure vessel, volumetric strain developed in the wall will be _____.

Question 4

Momentum of an isolated system always remains ________.

Question 5

Maximum number of phase possible in a binary phase diagram is ____.

Question 6

What is the value of critical damping coefficient for a system employing mass of 8kg and the elastic stiffness is 4.5kg/.

Question 7

Determine the number of Degrees of freedom (DOF) for a mechanism of planar linkage with nine simple revolute joints & eight links?

Question 8

A company requires 9000 units of a product annually. It costs Rs. 3 per unit. The cost per purchase order is Rs. 300 and the inventory carrying cost per unit per year is 20% of the unit cost. The economic order quantity (EOQ) for the company is __________.

Question 9

Air in a room is at 35 °C and 60% relative humidity (RH) The pressure in the room is 0.1 MPa The saturation pressure of water at 35 °C is 5.63 kPa. The humidity ratio of the air (in grain/kg of dry air) is ________.

Question 10

The peak load on a power plant is 40 MW and a group of four loads having maximum demand of 15 MW, 12 MW, 18 MW and 5 MW respectively are connected to the plant. The capacity of the plant is 60 MW. What is diversity factor of the plant?

Question 11

The clearance ratio of a 4- stroke single cylinder I.C. engine is 10 % of swept volume. The compression ratio of the engine is _________.

Question 12

A steel wire of 20 mm diameter is bent in to a circular arc of 40 meter radius. Determine the maximum bending stress (in MPa) induced in it.
[Take E=2 x 10N/mm2]

Question 13

Which of the following Cycle can be represented by this PV and TS diagram?

Question 14

In a reaction turbine the enthalpy drop in a stage is 60 units, the enthalpy drop in the moving blades is 32 units. The degree of reaction is _________.

Question 15

If the Poisson’s ratio of an elastic material is 0.25, then the ratio of modulus of rigidity to Young's modulus is____.
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