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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 14

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Question 1

A thin layer of water in field is formed after a farmer has watered it. The ambient air conditions are: temperature 20 °C and relative humidity 5%. An extract of steam tables is given below.

Neglecting the heat transfer between the water and the ground, the water temperature in the field after phase equilibrium is reached equals

Question 2

Air at 25°C blows over a flat plate of 40×60 cm size maintained at 120°C . The convective heat transfer coefficient is 20 W/m2K.The heat loss from the plate would be.

Question 3

In a simple vapour compression refrigeration cycle, the swept volume for the compressor is 2 litres and its volumetric efficiency is 80%. If the speed of the compressor is 1800rpm. Calculate the mass flow rate, . Take the value of

Question 4

A fluid having a density of 1 g/cc is in a state with Grashof number 2 × 106 and prandtl number 0.7. Assuming acceleration due to gravity as 10 m/s2, calculate the Rayleigh number?

Question 5

For maximum discharge of hot gases through a chimney, the height of hot column producing draught is _______.

Question 6

A reversible cycle receives 40 kJ of heat from one heat source at a temperature of 127 and 37 kJ from another heat source at 97 . The heat rejected (in kJ) to the heat sink at 47 is _________.

Question 7

The amount of energy absorbed by a fly wheel is determined from the

Question 8

The number of degrees of freedom of the planetary gear train shown in the figure is
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Question 9

Match the items in columns I and II

Question 10

Calculate the air-std efficiency of the engine working on ideal Otto cycle the temperature at the beginning and end of compression are 55ºC and 373ºC.if γ= 1.4

Question 11

In a counter flow heat exchanger the ratio of masses of the hot and cold fluid is 2:1 and their ratio of specific heat is 1:3 respectively. Hot fluid enters at 80°C and leaves the heat exchanger at 50°C. Cold fluid enter at 40°C and exit at some temperature. Find the exit temperature (in °C) of the cold fluid.

Question 12

For a counter-flow heat exchanger with heat capacity ratio is equal to 1, the number of transfer units is 1.5. The effectiveness of this heat exchanger is

Question 13

A rigid link PQ is undergoing plane motion as shown in the figure (VPand VQare non=zero). VPQ is relative velocity of point Q with respect to point P.

Which one of the following is TRUE?

Question 14

A small steam whistle (perfectly insulated and doing no shaft work) causes a drop of 0.8 kJ/kg in the enthalpy of steam from entry to exit. If the kinetic energy of the steam at entry is negligible, the velocity of the steam at exit is

Question 15

In an Otto cycle air at 18 °C and 1.02 bar is compressed adiabatically until the pressure is 15 bar. Calculate air standard efficiency for the cycle ____________.
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