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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 13

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Question 1

For an exponential smoothing method of forecasting, the value of number of demand is 12, Find the exponential smoothing coefficient α for such a forecasting model.

Question 2

If Pulse generated is 500 Pulse/s in CNC machine and motor RPM is the 120 and the lead screw is 5 mm pitch. What is the Basic length Unit (in mm) ?

Question 3

Which one of the following is a qualitative technique of demand forecasting?

Question 4

When the temperature of a solid surface changes from 127 °C to 927 °C, the ratio of emissive power final to initial will be

Question 5

Action and reaction

Question 6

At point in a body stresses developed are such that σx= 140 MPa and σy = 60 MPa and the major principle stress is 150 MPa. What is the magnitude of max in-plane shear stress __________ (in MPa).

Question 7

If five forces are acting on the single particle and having an angle of 72˚ between each and are collinear, then______.

Question 8

CPM and PERT are concerned with:

Question 9

For increasing the material removal rate in turning, without any constraints, the right sequences to adjust the parameters?
1). speed
2). Feed
3). Depth of cut
Select the correct answer using the codes:

Question 10

The power required per ton of refrigeration is 0.35 kW. Find the heat rejection ratio _________?

Question 11

In a single server infinite population queuing model, arrivals follow a Poisson distribution with mean ï = 4 per hour. The service times are exponential with mean service time equal to 12 minutes. The expected length of the queue will be

Question 12

A linear programming problem is shown below:
Subject to
It has

Question 13

A torque is applied on a circular shaft as shown below:

[Assume, torsional rigidity of shaft = GJ]

What will be the torques developed at ends A and C respectively?

Question 14

When change in length takes place, the strain is known as:

Question 15

Let 220 W/m2 of total radiant energy is absorbed by a convex surface, 90 W/m2 is reflected and 40 W/m2 is transmitted through it. What is the value of absorptivity?
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