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BARC 2021 ME: Full Syllabus Test 10

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Question 1

A compression spring of wire diameter 5mm having 8 active coils. The mean coil diameter and free length are given as 20mm and 50mm respectively. To increase the stiffness of the spring by 8 times, the mean coil diameter of the spring is

Question 2

If the ratio G/E (G = modulus of rigidity, E = young’s modulus of elasticity) is 0.35 then what is the value of the poission’s ratio ?

Question 3

If x is the distance measured from the leading edge of a flat plate, the laminar boundary layer thickness varies as

Question 4

A simple spring-mass vibrating system has a natural frequency of N. If the spring stiffness is halved and the mass is doubled, then the natural frequency will become

Question 5

For the fully developed laminar flow and heat transfer in a uniformly heated long circular tube, if the flow velocity is doubled and the tube diameter is halved, the heat transfer coefficient will be

Question 6

At a certain lathe machine, jobs arrive according to Poisson’s distribution at a rate of 24 jobs per hour. The average number of jobs that can be machined by the machine is 30 per hour. The probability of having exactly one job in the system and the probability that the machine is idle will be, respectively

Question 7

One kg mass of iron at 1200 K is allowed to cool to 400 K and environment is at 300 K. The specific heat of steel is 0.5 kJ/kg. K. The Irreversibility is

Question 8

Determine the ratio of the buckling strength of a solid column to that of a hollow column of the same material having the same area of cross section. The internal diameter of the column is half of the external diameter. Both columns are identical length and are pinned or hinged at the ends:

Question 9

The difference in pressure (in N/m2) across an air bubble or diameter 0.002 m immersed in water (surface tension = 0.072 N/m) is ______.

Question 10

A counter flow heat exchanger is used to heat from 200C to 800C by using hot exhaust gas entering at 1400C and leaving at 800C. the log mean temperature difference for the heat exchanger is

Question 11

Match List-I (type of gear failure) with List-II (Reasons) select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
A). Scoring
B). Pitting
C). Scuffing
D). Plastic flow
1). Oil film breakage
2). Yielding of surface under heavy loads
3). Cyclic loads causing high surfaces stress
4). Insufficient lubrication

Question 12

The figure below shows the TTT diagram of eutectoid steel for which the following microstructures are to be matched :

1) Fine pearlite

2) Martensite

3) Bainite

4) Coarse pearlite

The correct match will be :

Question 13

In an orthogonal machining operation:
Uncut thickness = 0.5 mm, Cutting speed = 20 m/min
Width of cut = 5 mm, Chip thickness = 0.7 mm
Thrust force = 200 N Cutting force = 1200 N
Rake angle = 15 °
Assume Merchant’s theory. The values of shear angle and shear strain, respectively, are ____________.

Question 14

Two helical spur gear are in mesh with angular velocity 200 rpm for gear and 600 rpm for the pinion. Assuming no slip occur between the meshing gears. What will be the value of gear ratio for the following gear arrangement.

Question 15

Two vectors P and Q start from a single point O. For the vectors to be perpendicular to each other at point O?
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