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BARC ME: Full Syllabus Test 1

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Question 1

The structure of Fe3C in iron carbon diagram is

Question 2

A wall of 0.5 m thickness is to be constructed from a material which has an average thermal conductivity of 1.4 W/m-K. The wall is to be insulated with a material having an average thermal conductivity of 0.35 W/m-K so that the heat loss per square metre will not exceed 1450 W. Assuming that the inner and outer surface temperature are 1200 °C and 15 °C respectively. The thickness of insulation required is ____ metre.

Question 3

The pressure drop in a 200 mm diameter horizontal pipe is 50 KPa over a length of 20 m. the shear stress at the pipe wall is

Question 4

What will be the deflection at the location 'a' where the load W acts, 
W = 45kN 
L = 3m, a = 1m, 
EI = 4.16×105 N-m2

Question 5

The moment of inertia of a beam section which is 500 mm deep is 69.49 × 107 mm4. The maximum stress in the beam is not to exceed 110 N/mm2. The maximum span of the beam is _______ m, when simply supported at the ends and could carry a uniformly distributed load of 50 kN per metre length.

Question 6

An alloy consists of 86% aluminium by weight and remaining 14% copper. Calculate the atom percentage of Aluminium in the composite if atomic weight of copper and aluminium are 63.59g/mole and 27g/mole respectively.

Question 7

One mole of an ideal gas is compressed to half of its initial volume and also simultaneously heated to twice its initial temperature. The entropy change of the gas in this process is :

Question 8

A rigid tank when the temperature is 10˚C and the pressure is 150kPa. On a hot day, the temperature in the tank reaches 50˚C. Assume ideal gas behaviour. If a small hole is drilled in the tank and the gas escapes isentropically to the atmosphere, then the velocity(m/s) of escaping air is? (Patm = 100kPa, Cp = 1kJ/kgK and )

Question 9

Consider a slider on a rotating link. The slider has a velocity of 2m/s & is accelerating at 4m/s2 away from centre of rotation as shown:

The link is rotating at 5 rad\sec. The net acceleration of the slider is __________.

Question 10

A water turbine delivering 10 MW power is to be tested with the help of a geometrically similar 1 : 16 model, running at the double speed as that of the prototype. The power developed by model will be

Question 11

In a binomial distribution, the mean is 9 and the standard deviation is √6. The product of total number of trials and probability of failure of the event in each trial is

Question 12

 Find the radiation heat exchange between two large parallel steel plates of emissivities 0.7 and 0.5 held at temperatures of 1000 K and 500 K respectively, if a thin copper plate of emissivity 0.1 is introduced as a radiation shield between the two plates is?

Question 13

What is the permeability number of a  of air that takes 1.5 minutes to pass through a standard cylindrical specimen if pressure is 5.

Question 14

In a fatigue loading test, the amplitude ratio is denoted by . Let R denote the stress ratio for the condition. The correct relation between  and R is :

Question 15

An automobile company hires a repairmen to repair machines that break down in a poisson fashion. The average rate of breakdown is 2/half-hour. The repairmen charge Rs. 70/hr and average repair rate is 7/hr. What is the non-productive cost of machine/hr, if the cost of non-productive machine time is Rs. 96/hr.
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