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BARC 2021 ME: Fluid mechanics & Machinery Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

The barometer reads 740 mm of Hg, what would be the absolute pressure? Let intensity of pressure be 30 kPa and take specific gravity of mercury = 13.6

Question 2

Stream line is defined as ______

Question 3

At vena contracta section, stream lines formed during fluid flow are mutually

Question 4

Consider laminar flow of water over a flat plate of length 2 m. If the boundary layer thickness at a distance of 0.25 m from the leading edge of the plate is 4 mm, the thickness, at a distance of 1 m, is

Question 5

Determine the coefficient of lift of an aeroplane that gets airborne at a velocity of 360km/hr in air of mass density 1.2kg/m3. Wing span of the plane is 24m and a chord of 2m weighs 100kN.

Question 6

A submarine whose radius of gyration is 15m has a period of oscillation of 30s. The nearest metacentric height (m) of the submarine is

Question 7

A water turbine delivering 10 MW power is to be tested with the help of a geometrically similar 1 : 16 model, running at the double speed as that of the prototype. The power developed by model will be

Question 8

Choose the incorrect statement.

Question 9

For fully developed flow of water in a pipe having diameter 0.1 m, velocity 10 cm/s and Kinematic viscosity 10-5 m2/s, the value of Darcy friction factor is

Question 10

Reynolds number is the ratio of inertial force to:
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