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BARC 2021 ME: Engineering Mechanics Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

For the truss shown below, the ratio of magnitudes of forces in member 4 to member 2 will be(assume every member of truss is of 10 m length) 


Question 2

A cord is wound around the circumference of a wheel of radius R. The axis of the wheel is horizontal and the moment of inertia about it is I. A weight mg is attached to the cord at the end. The weight falls from rest. After falling through a distance ‘h’, the square of the angular velocity of the wheel will be: (there is no slipping between the wheel and the cord)

Question 3

Four equal masses, m each are placed at the corners of a square of length(l) as shown in the figure. The moment of inertia of the system about an axis passing through A and parallel to DB would be:

Question 4

A stationary horizontal disc is free to rotate about its axis. When a torque is applied on it, its kinetic energy as a function of θ , where θ is the angle by which it has rotated, is given as kθ2. If its moment of inertia is I then the angular acceleration of the disc is:

Question 5

A wheel is rotating freely with an angular speed ω on a shaft. The moment of inertia of the wheel is I and the moment of inertia of the shaft is negligible. Another wheel of moment of inertia 3I initially at rest is suddenly coupled to the same shaft. The resultant fractional loss in the kinetic energy of the system is:

Question 6

Assumption made in truss analysis

Question 7

Limiting force of friction is the

Question 8

A ball is dropped from a height h. As is bounces off the floor, its speed is 80 percent of what it was just before it hit the floor. The ball will then rise to a height of most nearly

Question 9

Find the acceleration of block shown in figure. (g = 10 m/s2)

Question 10

The force in member AB is

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