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BARC 2021 ME: Engineering Mathematics : Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

The matrix A is 3 × 3 matrix, if the matrix is a singular matrix then which of the following statement is true;

Question 2

The value of the function

Question 3

The parabolas and divide the square region bounded by the lines and the coordinate axes. If and are respectively the areas of these parts numbered from top to bottom; then is

Question 4

The probability that A speaks truth is 4/5, while this probability for B is 3/4. The probability that they contradict each other when asked to speak on a fact is ______.

Question 5

The values of a, b, c such that the vector field is a irrotational

Question 6

For the residue of the pole at z = 0 is _____.

Question 7

Consider a special curve in three-dimensional space given in parametric form by .
The length of the curve is ________

Question 8

The solution of the differential equation

Question 9

Consider the following partial differential equation:

For this equation to be classified as parabolic, the value of must be_______

Question 10

For which value of x will be matrix given below become singular?
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