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BARC 2020; Thermo Nuclear Quiz 4

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Question 1

If ∫ pdv and − ∫ v dp for a thermodynamic system of an Ideal gas on valuation give same quantity (positive/negative) during a process, then the process undergone by the system is:

Question 2

the air with enthalpy of 100 kJ/kg is compressed by an air compressor to a pressure and temperature at which its enthalpy becomes 200 kJ/kg. The loss of heat is 40 kJ/kg from the compressor as the air passes through it. Neglecting the kinetic and potential energies the power required for an air mass flow of 0.8 kJ/s is

Question 3

Energy is received by a solar collector at the rate of 360 kW from a source temperature of 2500 K. If 70 kW of this energy is lost to the surroundings at steady state and if the user temperature remains constant at 600 K.Determine the second law efficiency.
Take To = 300 K.

Question 4

What will be the entropy change, if 1 kg of liquid water is heated from 25◦C to 100◦C. assuming constant specific heat, and compare the result with that found when using the given values.
Take: C = 4.184; sf25◦C = 0.2989 kJ/kgK; sf100◦C = 1.2105 kJ/kgK

Question 5

The COP of a Carnot refrigerator is 6. The ratio of its lower and higher absolute temperature is :

Question 6

For a reversible adiabatic (isentropic process), the change in entropy is

Question 7

An insulated chamber is used to stir 3kg of liquid with specific heat of 3.6KJ/kgK causing temperature rise by 30 °C. Find work done on insulated chamber system.

Question 8

A newly discovered substance is found to decrease in density when freezes. Which of the following could be the property of this substance that can be inferred?

Question 9

Choose the incorrect relation :-

Question 10

An ideal gas is heated at constant volume until its temperature is doubled and then cooled at constant pressure until it returned to original temperature.
Finally the gas is allowed to expand at constant temperature until it is returned to the original volume.Expression to determine the net work done by the gas is [Take m = 1 kg]
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