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BARC 2020: Thermo Nuclear Quiz 1 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

A solar collector having an area of 80 m2 receives solar radiation and transforms it to the internal energy of fluid at an overall efficiency (η) of 50%. Now this high energy fluid is supplied to a heat engine having an efficiency of 40%. If the heat rejected to sink is 30kW. Then power developed by the engine (in kW) and irradiation to solar collector (in kw/m2) respectively are __________.

Question 2

An insulated bottle is fitted with valve through which air from atmosphere at 1.013 bar and 250C is allowed to flow slowly to fill the bottle.If the bottle’s initial initial temperature in 250C and pressure is 0.5 bar then what will be the final temperature of the bottle (in 0C) when the pressure in the bottle is 1.013 bar.

Question 3

Air at 27 ° and 1 bar is heated at constant volume until the pressure is 5 bar and then cooled at constant pressure back to original temperature. Net decrease in entropy of the process is ______ kJ/kgK.

Question 4

A blower handles 1 kg/s of air at 20 . The air velocities at the inlet and outlet are 100 m/s and 150 m/s . Assuming adiabatic conditions, the exit temperature of the air is _________ C.

Question 5

What will be the temperature (oC) corresponding to the thermometric property of 3.5 on Celsius scale. If at the ice point and steam point the thermometric properties are found to be 2.5 and 8.5 respectively.
A temperature scale of certain thermometer is given by the relation:
t = a ln p + b
Where a and b are constants and p is the thermometric property of the fluid in the thermometer.

Question 6

What is the maximum work that can be obtained, if one kg of water at 90 °C is cooled to ambient temperature of 27 °C (Specific heat of water = 4.18 kJ/kg-K).

Question 7

In a constant pressure process, 1kg of air at 300 K is mixed with 1 kg air at 400 K. If the pressure is 100 kPa and Q = 0, the entropy generation in the process will be

Question 8

Air (cp = 1.005 kJ/kg-oC) enters the heat exchanger at 95 kPa and 20oC with a rate of 1.6m3/s. The combustion gases (cp = 1.10kJ/kg-oC) enters at 180oC with a rate of 2.2 kg/s and leave at 95oC. What will be the rate of entropy generation?

Question 9

A frictionless piston-cylinder device initially contains air at 100 kPa and 0.25 m3. At this state, a linear spring (F x) is just touching the piston but exerts no force on it. The air is now heated to final state of 0.75 m3 and 800 kPa. Work done against the spring is ____________ kJ.

Question 10

A heat pump is used for domestic heating between a cold room at –4 °C and the water in radiator system at 74 °C. What is minimum electrical power consumption (in kW) provide a heat output of 2000 MJ/day?
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