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BARC 2020:Theory of Machines Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

In an offset slider crank mechanism length of the connecting rod is 50cm. Crank length is 25cm and the offset length is 15cm. The stroke of the slider (in mm) is

Question 2

The crank of a slider crank mechanism is 15 cm and the connecting rod is 60 cm long. The crank make 300 rpm in the clockwise direction, when it has turned 45° from the inner dead center position. Find the velocity of the slider __________ (in m/s).

Question 3

Find the expression for natural frequency of:

Question 4

A car is moving on curved horizontal road of radius 150m at a speed of 40m/s. if the rotating masses of engine rotating at an angular speed of 100 rad/sec in CW direction ,when viewed from the front of the car. have combined moment of inartia 15 Kg-m2 , then the gyroscopic moment (in N-m) is _____.

Question 5

A constant velocity follower is having a cam profile rotating with a velocity of 40 rad/s. the lift of the cam is 80 mm. and there is no dwell between the ascent and descent of the cam. Find the velocity of the follower at the mid stroke during descent in m/s.( angle of descent is 120)

Question 6

A wheel of moment of inertia 0.10 kg-m2 is rotating about a shaft at an angular speed of 160 rev/minute. A second wheel is set into rotation at 300 rev/minute and is coupled to the same shaft so that both the wheels finally rotate with a common angular speed of 200 rev/minute. The moment of inertia of the second wheel (in kg-m2) is?

Question 7

A flywheel should supply an energy of 400 Nm at a mean speed of 20 rad/s. What is the mass moment of inertia if the total fluctuation of speed is not to exceed %.

Question 8

The maximum speed of the flywheel is 1000 rpm.The coefficient of steadiness for the flywheel is 50. The maximum variation of speed for the flywheel is

Question 9

Calculate the effective pressure angle(in degrees) when the center distance in a pair of 20 involute gears is decreased by 2% ?

Question 10

A sun and planet gear system is shown in figure. and What is the speed of gear B (in rpm)if the arm rotates at 240rpm ccw about centre of gear A?

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