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BARC 2020 : SOM Nuclaer Quiz 1

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Question 1

Consider a stepped shaft subjected to a twisting moment applied at B as shown in the figure. Assume shear modulus. G = 77 GPa. The angle of twist at C (in degrees) is ____________

Question 2

A gas is stored in a cylindrical tank of inner radius 7 inch and wall thickness 5 mm. The gauge pressure of the gas is 2 MPa. The maximum shear stress (in MPa) in the wall is

Question 3

A solid steel cube constrained on all six faces is heated so that the temperature rises uniformly by. If the thermal coefficient of the material is Young's modulus is E and the Poisson's ratio is, the thermal stress developed in the cube due to heating is

Question 4

A shaft of diameter D is subjected to a torque T. To have the angle of twist four times as that before, the percentage reduction in diameter needed is ________.

Question 5

A piece of material is subjected to two mutual perpendicular tensile stresses.Strains in the two directions are in the ratio 3:4. If the value of Poisson’s ratio is 0.25 and greatest stress is 90 N/mm2, then Volumetric strain is
[E=200 GPa]

Question 6

A 5 m long and 60 mm diameter steel bar is subjected to a tensile load of 100 kN. If the modulus of elasticity for the bar material is 210 GPa, then the modulus of resilience is

Question 7

A test is conducted on a brass plate subjected to a principal stresses and obtained the following result: Principle strain, ε1 = 9.81×10-3, ε2 = 7.55×10-3 . The normal stress (in MPa) on a plane of 30 with the major principal plane is ___________. (take E = 100 GPa, and Poisson’s ratio = 0.3)

Question 8

Mohr’s circle for a state of stress(MPa) given below. What is the center and radius of the circle?

Question 9

To avoid interference, a link in a machine is designed so that its cross-sectional area is reduced one half at section A-B as shown in figure. If the thickness of the link is 50 mm, compute the maximum force P that can be applied if the maximum normal stress on section A-B is limited to 70 MPa.

Question 10

The buckling load for a column hinged at both ends is 100 KN. If the ends are fixed, the buckling load changes to
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