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BARC 2020: Mini Mock 5

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Question 1

Consider the following Attributed grammar:

E -> E + E {E.x = E1.x + E2.x}

E -> E * E {E.x = E1.x * E2.x}

E -> id {E.x = id.val}

Above SDT is?

Question 2

Which of the following statements are CORRECT?

1) Static allocation of all data areas by a compiler makes it impossible to implement recursion.

2) Automatic garbage collection is essential to implement recursion.

3) Dynamic allocation of activation records is essential to implement recursion.

4) Both heap and stack are essential to implement recursion.

Question 3

Which of the following is not the token of C program?

Question 4

Which of the following statement is correct-
S1- Lexical analysis phase is responsible for eliminating void space character.
S2- Semantic analyzer help in giving error message by giving row number and column number.

Question 5

Choose the correct option to fill the empty blanks in below statement :

If variables are declared previously, then __________ is responsible for generation of symbol table but if variables are not declared then symbol table will be generated by __________.

Question 6

Consider the below statements :
S1 : Too much space is wasted in quadruples representation of 3 address code.
S2 : The statements cannot be moved around in triples representation of 3 address code.
S3 : The statements can be moved around in indirect triples representation of 3 address code.
Which option is correct ?

Question 7

What is the equivalent 3-address code for the above DAG?

Question 8

Which one of the following string is said to be a token without looking at next input character in C language :

Question 9

Find the C statement which has a syntax error.

Question 10

Lexical error is _____.

Question 11

Consider a case where there are 2 bags, one is having five red and seven white balls and the other consist of three red and twelve white balls. We need to take out a ball from one or the other two bags, find the probability that a red ball is taken out.

Question 12

Suppose a system of linear equations which consists of m equations. If the number of variables in a particular equation is n, then which of the following is true regarding the above specification?

Question 13

Consider the table given below

Then the arithmetic mean of the marks given below would be,

Question 14

If A is 3 × 3 matrix, whose elements are given by aij = i2 – j2 where 1 ≤ i, j ≤ 3 then  = _____

Question 15

The maximum of the three eigen values for the matrix given below is______

Question 16

Given a real-valued continuous function f(t) defined over is __________

Question 17

Which of the following can be used to find the symmetric closure of R ?

Question 18

If   then the sum of eigen values of A3 is _____ .

Question 19

If A and B are two events such that P(A) ≠ 0 and P(B) ≠ 1, then P =

Question 20

The value of is ___.
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