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Question 1

Considering massless rigid rod and small oscillations, the natural frequency (in rad/s) of vibration of the system shown in the figure is (r=1 m)

Question 2

The given figure shows a Mechanism of 4 links in which link AB is fixed. The tangential velocity of point D due to force acting on link AD is 5m/s. The input force, FD is 50 N.The velocity of point C thus observed to be as 2m/s.The force transmitted to link BC will be ___

Description: Description: 01_Tom-vibration_BLok_files\image067.png

Question 3

Observe the mechanism that is shown below. Which link must be fixed to get the drag-link mechanism?

Question 4

For the mechanism shown below, if link SH rotates at 60 rad/s, then angular velocity of link MO will be _________ rad/s.

Question 5

Identify the type of motion for a kinematic chain having following characteristics
No. of joints=4,
No. of higher pair=0
No. of links =4

Question 6

The magnitude of the gyroscopic moment is needed to be found for a XUV all wheel drive . A XUV moves over a curved horizontal road of radius 100 m with a speed of 20 m/s. When viewed from the front of the XUV, the rotating masses of the engine have an angular speed of 100 rad/s in clockwise direction. The combined moment of inertia of the rotating masses is 10 kg-m2.

Question 7

A mass m is supported by a massless string wound around a hollow cylinder of mass m and radius R. If string does not slip on the cylinder, with what acceleration will the mass fall on release?

Question 8

A pendulum in equilibrium as acted upon by a force P. If the mass of the bob is 10kg and the angle θ = 30 °. Determine the value of force P required.

Question 9

As shown in figure, a person A is standing at the centre of the rotating platform facing person B who is riding bicycle, heading east. The relevant speed and distance are shown in figure. At the instant under consideration what is the apparent velocity of B as seen by A?

Question 10

A student conducting an experiment to study forces connected a ball of mass ‘m’ = 5kg using three ropes as shown. He took the readings in equilibrium condition.

Find the magnitude of force in the ropes______.

Question 11

A punch press, fitted with a flywheel having a radius of gyration of 0.53 m, runs at 260 rev/min. the press is capable of punching 600 holes per hour. Each punching operation takes 1.5 seconds. The rating of the electric motor used is 2 kW. Determine the mass of the flywheel, if the speed of the flywheel should not drop below 240 rev/min.

Question 12

The time (in seconds) taken by the bullet in seconds to reach the ground if is fired upward at an angle of 40o with a velocity of 30 m/s is _______. ( Take sin 40o = 0.642)

Question 13

For the differential equation of particle
20x,,5x, + 30x =0
The ratio of consecutive amplitude will be____________.

Question 14

A block is lying on a rough horizontal plane having a coefficient of friction as 0.25and weigh 200 N. Find the magnitude of the force in N, which can pull the block, while acting at an angle of 35° with the horizontal.

Question 15

A body of weight 2kg dropped from a height of 20 m reaches the ground with a speed of 7m/s. Calculate the work done by the air friction?

Question 16

Which relation is suitable among Gear 1 and gear 4 in terms of angular velocity?

Question 17

The bob of a simple pendulum of length 1m has mass 100g and a speed of 1.4m/s at the lowest point in its path. Find the tension in the string at this instant. Take g=10 m/s2

Question 18

A stone of mass m at the end of a string of length ‘I’ is whirled in a vertical circle at a constant speed. The tension in the string will be maximum when the stone is

Question 19

In the gear train of 1 : 10 as shown below, the pinion transmits 250 kW at 18000 rpm. What is the tangential load on the gear tooth?

Question 20

A block of mass M is kept on a rough horizontal surface. The block is to be pulled by applying a force to it. The minimum force needed to slide the block is (take static coefficient of friction between block and surface = )
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