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Question 1

A liquid of specific gravity 1.5 is discharged from a tank through a siphon whose summit point is 1.2 m above the liquid level in tank. The siphon pipe has a diameter of 0.1 m and it discharges the liquid into atmosphere at 100 kPa. If liquid vapour pressure is 28 kPa, the safe location of outlet is ______ m below the liquid level in the tank.

Question 2

In a pipe flow,  water flows with a velocity as measured by pitot tube is 5m/s and stagnation head is 4m. The static pressure in kN/m2 is (Take g=10 m/s2)

Question 3

Three columns are made with same materials and are having same cross-sections. One is hinged from both ends, second is fixed from both ends and third is one end fixed and other end free. If critical load of all of the columns is same then what is the length ratio for all three?

Question 4

Venturimeter is installed in a pipe of diameter 40 mm. If the throat diameter of venturimeter is 20 mm and the pressure difference between the pipe and throat section is found to be 120 kPa. Then neglecting the frictional losses, the water velocity in main pipe is (m/s)

Question 5

A rod tapers uniformly from 60 mm to 30 mm diameter in a length of 300 mm. If the rod is subjected to an axial load of 6000 N, then the extension of the rod ( in µm ) ___.
[Take E = 2 × 105 N/mm2]

Question 6

In a bi-axial stress problem, the stresses in x and y directions are Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE-EE-ME-19-Mar\GATE-ME-2000_files\image031.png and Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE-EE-ME-19-Mar\GATE-ME-2000_files\image032.png The maximum principal stress in MPa is

Question 7

Two reservoirs are connected through a 2000m long 0.4m diameter pipe. The head difference between two reservoirs is 10m. The fanning friction coefficient of pipe is 0.01 Including for all major and minor losses, the velocity in the pipe is? (m/s)

(Take, g=9.81 m/s)

Question 8

A 200 mm long stress free rod at room temperature is held between two immovable rigid walls. The temperature of the rod is uniformly raised by 250 °C. if the young’s modulus and coefficient of thermal expansion are 100 GPa and 2*10-5 / °C respectively the magnitude of the longitudinal stress (in MPA. developed in the rod is

Question 9

A circular shaft fixed at A has diameter d for half of its length and diameter d/2 over the other half what is the rotation of C relative to B if the rotation of B relative to A is 0.1 radian?
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\04_SOM_BLok_files\image021.png

Question 10

In a smooth pipe of uniform diameter 25cm, pressure of 50 kPa was observed at section 1 which was at elevation 10m and another section 2, elevation 12 m, the pressure was 20kPa and the velocity in was 1.25m/s. The fluid in the pipe is water. Which of the following statements is true?

Question 11

The 1:5 model of a parachute needs to be studied in a wind tunnel. The actual parachute carries 80kg load and lands at a speed of 18Km/hr. The drag experienced by the parachute under dynamically similar conditions is _________(in N)?. Assume acceleration due to gravity as 10 m/s2.

Question 12

For a laminar flow over a flat plate if free stream velocity of fluid is 10m/s. Boundary layer thickness near to wall is 10mm, determine wall shear stress. Take dynamic viscosity as 0.863 Poise. Velocity profile is given by

Question 13

A child blows air through a nozzle to form bubbles. If the bubbles are to have a diameter of 5mm. Calculate the surface tension between air and soap. The pressure contained by the bubble is 150 N/m2.

Question 14

For a forced vortex flow on a horizontal plane the pressure at a radius of 10 cm is 50 kPa. If the fluid undergoing forced vortex motion is water and at a speed of 20 rad/s, the pressure at a radius of 25 cm is ___________.

Question 15

Fluid with velocity V flows over a flat plate and at a point δ is the boundary layer thickness. If the velocity is now increased to 9V, the boundary layer thickness (assuming only laminar flow exists) at that point is

Question 16

A simply supported beam carries a load ‘p’ through a bracket, as shown in the figure
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\04_SOM_BLok_files\image154.png
The maximum bending moment in the beam is Nm.

Question 17

A flat steel plate is of trapezoidal form. The thickness of the plate is 15 mm and it tapers uniformly from a width of 60 mm to a width of 10 mm in a length of 300 mm. The elongation of the plate under an axial force of 120 kN is ______ mm.
[Take E = 2.04 × 105 N/mm2]

Question 18

A thin strip of copper (E = 120 GPa) having length L and thickness, t = 1 mm is bent into a circle and held with the ends just touching. The maximum bending stress in the strip is limited to 250 MPa. The length of the strip is

Question 19

With the usual sign convention for bending moment, i.e., a positive bending moment causes compression in top fiber, what is sign, magnitude and location of numerically largest bending moment in the beam shown in the figure?

Question 20

Consider a linear rectangular thin sheet of metal, subjected to uniform uniaxial tensile stress of 100 MPa along the length direction. Assume plane stress conditions in the plane normal to the thickness. The Young’s modulus E = 200 MPa and Poisson’s ratio μ = 0.3 are given. The principal strains in the plane of the sheet are
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