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Question 1

Find the number of correct statements from the following sentences:

I. All 1:M and 1:1 relationships should be converted into separate tables.

II. All multi valued attributes should be converted into separate tables.

III. Cardinality ratio is applicable for only binary relationships.

IV. A key attribute can uniquely identify an entity from an entity set.

Question 2

Consider the relation R(ABCDEF) with dependecies F:

{A->C, C->D, B->E, E->F}

The number of tables present in its 2NF decomposition are _______.

Question 3

There are 2 transactions T1 with 2 instructions and T2 with 5 instructions. Find the sum of serial and concurrent  schedules.

Question 4

Given a basic ER and Relational model then which of the following is incorrect:

Question 5

A functional dependency B -> A is trivial then which of the Following is true?

Question 6

E-R modeling technique is a:

Question 7

Given a relation is in 3NF, Which of the following can be inferred from this?

Question 8

From the following instance of relational schema R (A, B, C), We can conclude that:

Question 9

p and q are conditions and R is relation schema then which of the following option is/are valid?

Question 10

Consider the following B-Tree of order 5:

Suppose we insert node 8 into the B-Tree. Then what will be the sum of all the keys in the extreme left node on the leaf level of the tree?

Question 11

A bit-stuffing based framing protocol uses an 8-bit delimiter pattern of 01111110. If the output bit-string after stuffing is 01111100101, then the input bit-string is

Question 12

Consider a classless Inter Domain Routing(CIDR) representation of a network as The number of hosts that are representable in this network is

Question 13

Consider an Ethernet network employing CSMA/CD, where Bw = 10 Mbps, length of the cable (L) is 200m and v = 2 x 108 m/sec. Calculate the maximum frame size in bytes.

Question 14

Which of the following is false?

Question 15

In ISO-OSI reference model, FTP corresponds to which one of the following layers?

Question 16

Suppose in a building there are 20 people communicating with each other using Symmetric key. Then the pairs of keys that are required in order to authenticate their communication.

Question 17

Value of C and A consider if data is being not copied due to error as destination host detected it.

Question 18

Assume that a sliding window protocol is designed for a 1Mbps point to point link to destination, which has a one-way latency of 1.25 sec. Assuming that each frame carries 1 kB of data, what is the minimum number of bits needed for the sequence number?

Question 19

If RL meant for ring latency, Bw for bandwidth, N for no. of stations, THT for token holding time, b for bit delay. Then what will the correct expression for maximum token return time (TRT).

Question 20

If token holding time is 10ms, bandwidth is 4 Mbps, then maximum frame size in early token reinsertion (in bytes)?
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