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Question 1

Consider a hash table of size 20 in which 15 elements needs to be inserted. Find the number of probes in successful search in the hash table __________. (Upto 3 decimal places)

Question 2

A d-ary heap is like a binary heap, but non-leaf nodes have 'd' children instead of 2 children. What is the height of a d-ary heap of n elements in terms of n and d?

Question 3

The symbol # is called as.......

Question 4

Let A1, A2, A3 and A4 be four matrices of dimensions 10x5, 5x20, 20x10 and 10x5 respectively. The minimum number of multiplications required to find the product A1A2A3A4 is _____.

Question 5

What is the output of C statement 9.5 % 3?

Question 6

Apply BFS and DFS on the graph below and find how many nodes are at same position start from node A.

Question 7

What will be printed by the following loop section?

while (printf ("%d", printf ("mxz") ) )

printf ("ny") ;

Question 8

Which of the following is true?

Question 9

Address of ______ variables cannot be accessed.

Question 10

The statements

int a = 5;

cout << "FIRST" << (a<<2) << "SECOND";


Question 11


int test(int count)

What is sum of all outputs:-

Question 12

Which of the following recurrence relation will give the total no. of binary search trees possible with n nodes?

Question 13

What will be the return value of test()?

Question 14

In the Worst case, in Selection Sort, the total number of moves represented in order of______?

Question 15

Consider the case of Max heap. If we perform decrease key operation upon a node X. Then tightest upper bound of space complexity for decrease key operation will be

Question 16

What is the maximum height of an AVL tree with 53 nodes?

Question 17

Consider the following program fragment

Char c[] = “HELLO$GRADEUP”;

Char *p = c;

Printf(“%s”, p+10[p]-p[8]);

Number of characters printed by above program fragment __.

Question 18

int main ( )
int Var1=10, Var2=5;
what is the output ?

Question 19

Consider the following C code snippet:

Assuming i is allocated memory location X. What is the output of the above program?

Question 20

Finding the minimum element in a max heap can be done in______?
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