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BARC 2020; Manufacturing Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

A round billet made of brass is to be extruded (extrusion constant = 250 MPa) at 700 °C. The billet diameter is 100 mm and the diameter after the extrusion is 50 mm. The extrusion force

Question 2

Select the best options from below, which correctly matches the ‘Product’ (List A) with the ‘Manufacturing Process’ (List B):

Question 3

In an arc welding process, the open circuit voltage is 200 V and the short circuit current is 2000 A, if the power characteristics of I-V are linear. The transformer current is 1200 A, then find the transformer voltage in volts.

Question 4

In blanking and piercing operation, clearance between die and punch depends on:

Question 5

A 10 mm thick sheet is reduce to 6 mm by passing it through a pair of cylindrical rollers each of diameter of 300 mm. Find the bite angle and roll strip contact length for the thick sheet.

Question 6

Two casting, a cube and a slab of the same material solidify under identical condition. The volumes of the castings are equal but the slab dimensions are in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 4. The ratio of solidification time of the slab to that of cube will be _________.

Question 7

In finish machining of an island on a casting with CNC milling machine, an end mill with 10 mm diameter is employed. The corner points of the island are represented by (0,0), (0,30), (50,30) and (50,0). By applying cutter radius right compensation, the trajectory of the cutter will be

Question 8

The change in tool life when the cutting velocity is increased by 30%.

(Take n = 0.45 , C = 420)

Question 9

A hole with 50 mm diameter and 60 mm depth is to be drilled in mild steel component. The cutting speed is 70 m/min and feed rate is 0.25 mm/rev. If drill point angle is 118 ° and over-travel is 3 mm the time(min) required to drill the hole is

Question 10

Cellular manufacturing is suitable for __________.
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