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BARC 2020 Manufacturing Nuclear Quiz-2

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Question 1

The dia of a hole is given as The upper limit on the dimensions in mm, of the shaft for achieving maximum interfence of 50 microns is

Question 2

A bar of 75 mm diameter is reduced to 73 mm by a cutting tool while cutting orthogonally. If the mean length of a cut chip is 73.9 mm and rake angle is 15°, then shear angle is _______ degrees.

Question 3

A turning tool with sharp corner and a major cutting edge angle of 50 ° is being used at a feed of 0.05 mm. Another cutting tool has a nose radius of 1.8 mm and feed of 0.268 mm. The minor cutting edge angle of the turning tool for the same surface roughness of the two tools will be ____ degrees.

Question 4

The velocity of the steel at the bottom of the sprue if the sprue height is 50 cm will be? The frictional and other losses are 22%.

Question 5

In a limit system, the following limits are specified to give a clearance fit between a shaft and a hole.

What is the ratio of maximum to minimum clearance______?

Question 6

The designation of a standard welding electrode is as follows:

What does mean respectively?

Question 7

If the blank thickness is reduced to half and width of stock is doubled, then the ratio of new bending force to the original is __________?

Question 8

The operation in which liquid is flown into voids by capillary action of a powder metallurgy product is known as __________.

Question 9

In an EDM process, using RC circuit a 12mm diameter through hole is made in a steel plate of 50mm thickness using a graphite tool. Resistance of , capacitor with capacitance of  are used in RC circuit. Supply voltage is 220V and discharge voltage is 110V. Average power for the above process is ____________ kW if machining is done for 0.5ms.

Question 10

A milling cutter of 70 mm diameter with 12 teeth is operating at a cutting speed of 22 m/min and a feed of 0.05 mm/tooth. The feed per minute is ___________.
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